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Malgorzata Wychadanczuk (Gosia)

MALGORZATA WYCHADANCZUK (Gosia) is an accomplished physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in the field of neurological rehabilitation. With a Master of Science Degree in Physiotherapy from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland, Gosia’s educational qualifications provide a solid foundation for her practice. Additionally, she holds a specialization in Biological Regeneration, further enhancing her expertise in the field.

Gosia’s professional journey spans across multiple clinical settings in both Poland and the United Kingdom. From her current role as a Senior Neurological Physiotherapist at the Community Neuro-Rehabilitation Service, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, to her previous positions at the Chilterns M.S. Centre, she has honed her skills in catering to the unique needs of individuals recovering from neurological conditions. Her experience also includes working in outpatient clinics, rehabilitation wards, and providing physiotherapy assistance.

Continuing her commitment to professional growth, Gosia has attended various courses and workshops, expanding her knowledge and refining her techniques. She has completed training in McKenzie’s Method, the Bobath Concept, wheelchair prescription, vestibular rehabilitation, myofascial release, and more. Gosia’s dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements ensures that she offers evidence-based and personalized care to her patients.

Gosia’s extensive experience, combined with her ongoing professional development, sets her apart as a highly skilled physiotherapist. Her compassionate approach and commitment to helping individuals regain their mobility and improve their quality of life make her a valuable asset in the field of neurological rehabilitation. If you are seeking specialized and comprehensive physiotherapy services, Gosia’s expertise and dedication make her an excellent choice for your rehabilitation journey.

Malgorzata Wychadanczuk(Gosia)

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