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Laser therapy is a scientifically proven and established treatment. More than hundreds of medical studies have clearly documented how effective laser therapy is for various types of clinic rehabilitation and pain. However, some readers might not really know about K-Laser therapy at our K Laser clinic Aylesbury, but don’t worry here is everything you need to know about K-Laser therapy.

Did you know that K-Laser therapy was originally founded approximately 3 decades ago? K-Laser is currently the global leader when it comes to surgical, therapeutic, and cosmetic lasers. It is also used by beauty specialists, podiatrists, dentists, and physical therapists in nearly 50 countries. K Laser clinic Aylesbury treats a wide range of conditions including the following.

K laser clinic Aylesbury,

Everything You Need To Know About K-Laser Therapy

Selected wavelengths of light will be used during K-Laser therapy at our K-Laser clinic Aylesbury. This is done for stimulating the key molecules in our tissues. Research and studies that span decades have been able to identify the frequencies, energy levels, and wavelengths, which are capable of positively stimulating cellular mechanisms. In addition, the selected frequencies and wavelengths enhance the reparative abilities and healing of the human body.

During the therapy session, K-Laser energy will deeply penetrate into our musculoskeletal tissues, which will in turn accelerate the metabolism of cells by increasing cell division, nutrient absorption, blood flow, and waste product excretion. Due to this, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin will be repaired faster with a reduced amount of pain, scarring, and inflammation.

How Often Should The Patient Be Treated

It is crucial to understand that the treatment will vary from one patient to another. That said, patients who are suffering from acute pain might need treatment on a daily basis, especially if they are also suffering from pain. In most cases, patients with chronic pain respond better when they receive treatment two to three times per week. The treatment sessions may reduce based on the improvement of the patient.

How Often Should The Patient Be Treated

As mentioned earlier, the question of how many treatments are required will depend on the patient and the nature of his or her condition. In most cases, patients who are suffering from acute conditions will need one to six treatment sessions. However, individuals with chronic pain might need 10 to 15 or more sessions. Patients with severe arthritis and other similar conditions might need ongoing periodic care for controlling pain.

How Long Do The Patient Have To Wait To See Results

Most patients who have undergone K-Laser therapy from our K-Laser clinic Aylesbury were able to improve their conditions (increased mobility and pain reduction) after their first treatment session. That said, some patients might not be able to see any improvements after their first K-Laser treatment, but it doesn’t mean that the treatment is not effective. Each K-Laser treatment is cumulative. As a result, results are felt only after 3 or 4 sessions in the case of some patients.

K laser therapy
K laser therapy

Can K-Laser Therapy Be Used With Other Types Of Treatment

Yes, you will be able to undergo other types of treatment along with K-Laser therapy. In fact, K-Laser therapy is used with several other types of treatment that includes soft tissue mobilization, massage, osteopathic adjustments, physical therapy, and more. Patients can use other healing modalities for improving the efficiency of K-Laser therapy.

Are There Any Associated Risks Or Side Effects

K-Laser therapy has been around us for a very long time and it is being used by several healthcare providers from all over the world. In all these years of use, only a few side effects have been reported. In the case of some patients, some pain syndromes or old injuries might feel aggravated for some days because the healing response will be a lot more active after the K-Laser treatment.

Is K-Laser Therapy Suitable For Me

K-Laser therapy is an ideal treatment option for individuals of any age group, body size, and skin tone. It can be recommended for pregnant women, athletes, infirm elderly people, and injured children. The protocols of K Laser clinic Aylesbury can be tailored to meet different requirements of patients.

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Sonia. I slept really well last night. This morning is the best I have felt in a very long time. The combination of laser and Acupuncture treatment is working well. Thank you

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    PAUL M


    My husband (who was recovering from Radiotherapy) had a few physio sessions with Sonia and he found she was extremely patient and enjoyed the session very much as they were suitable for ...


      After thirteen months in hospital I met Sonia who is a ray of sunshine, very professional and using her amazing skills very quickly put me on the road to recovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough...


        I recommend had a knee issues for while start treatment with Sonya she knows a lot and has tons of experience. my knee starting go back to normal it’s worth every penny

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