Patient Testimonials

I suffer with neck and shoulder problems, within just a few sessions I am feeling amazing and can really tell the difference. I would highly recommend Healing Hands to anyone who is stiff or sore. Very friendly service and lovely staff.

Glenda Rigby

I have known Sonia Jomon since 2014 as an inpatient at RBH Aylesbury, Uk. As an experienced physiotherapist, she regularly ensured I observed my physio sessions, when am unwilling, she evokes professional style with an appealing but contrite heart cum voice to a dying man, signifying hope. I was a man with death threatening ailment of which physio exercise was key. With my family and Sonia on my side, I am now happily living an out door life.

Dr. Onochie, Albert Adigwe

Sonia saw me as I had a wry neck. She was very good and tried various treatments some I had not even heard of however gentle approach as a little nervous. Very good experience.
I would see her again but I’m cured now!

Abigail Duckett

I will highly recommend Sonia. She was very professional and helped me recover from long-standing neck pain.

Alok K.

After thirteen months in hospital I met Sonia who is a ray of sunshine, very professional and using her amazing skills very quickly put me on the road to recovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough. This lady is a true champion who is passionate and takes her work seriously.

Tania Ledger

My husband has Parkinson's disease and his arms, legs and neck muscles are very stiff. a thorough oil massage helps him to stay as flexible as possible. Electrodes on a pad placed on neck and shoulders gives him stimulation or can also give him relaxation. Support Splints prevent further dropping of the feet. The work is all done very professional, the treatment is explained well, with a clear, firm and friendly approach.

Joanna R

Sonia is a great professional with vast experience in rehabilitation. She does everything to ensure a good progress for her patients. Sonia is always ready to go extra mile in order to support the client both physically and psychologically.