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Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury​

Laser therapy is a treatment procedure that makes use of selected wavelengths of light. This is done for the sole purpose of simulating the key molecules in our tissues. Medical research that spanned over decades has helped to identify the accurate energy level, frequencies, and wavelengths, which can induce changes in PhotoBiostimulation or cellular metabolism. You can learn more about this by getting in touch with our Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury clinic.

For instance, melanic, which absorbs sunlight, will change skin pigmentation. Likewise, the treatment method of K-Laser therapy will deliver energy to the deep tissues of our body. This will in turn activate a number of photochemical reactions, which will boost cell function. This in turn accelerates the healing process of treated tissues along with reducing pain sensations. Our Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury clinic a non-invasive and safe treatment, which uses the reparative process of our body.

Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury

Therapeutic Effects of Laser Therapy

Physio laser therapy
Increased Metabolic Activity

The treatment process of K-Laser therapy boosts tissue oxygenation by stimulating cytochrome c, water, hemoglobin, and other key molecules.


The termination of inflammatory processes can also be accelerated with the help of laser therapy. A cytokine called Interleukin-1 that comes with pro-inflammatory and immune actions can be reduced through laser treatment. The level of SOD or Super Oxide Dismutase or SOD will be enhanced during the treatment, which will result in the reduction of free radical activities that can be quite damaging.

Better Vascular Activity

Another interesting thing about K-Laser therapy is that it is capable of inducing vasodilation in treated areas. It also promotes the process of angiogenesis, which will improve blood circulation along with removing cell waste, optimizing tissue nutrition, and removing inflammatory factors. K-laser therapy also improves our lymphatic drainage system thereby reducing swelling caused by local inflammation or bruising.

Enhanced Nerve Function

The process of laser therapy can facilitate nerve signal transmission normalization in the motor, sensory, and autonomic neural pathways.  Nerve Latency and CMAP ( Compound Muscle Action Potential) values have shown great improvements in several patients after undergoing laser therapy. Laser therapy can also stimulate cell regeneration and axonal sprouting.

Accelerated Cell Growth And Tissue Repair

The pulse frequencies, power, and wavelengths of K-Laser therapy will penetrate into deep tissue levels. This will in turn accelerate cellular growth and reproduction. Due to this, cells of muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons will be repaired faster.

Analgesic Effect

Pain relief is generally the result of reduced localized swelling and inflammation and nerve activity alteration. This will happen in the case of patients who undergo K-laser therapy sessions.


Enhanced lymphocytic response and accelerated Leukocytic activity have been visible in treated tissues. K-Laser therapy will enhance the removal of tissue components that are nonviable and assist in rapid repairing. Wounds that are treated by using this technique will be resilient to secondary infections.

Reduced Formation of Fibrous Tissue

K-Laser therapy is capable of preventing scar tissue that happens due to surgery, burns, or tears. The tissues healed were proven to be a lot more elastic with lesser scarring, which will reduce the onset of chronic pain, which is associated with the scars.

Faster Healing of Wounds

It is crucial to note that the treatment procedure of laser therapy will optimize elastin and collagen deposition. Wounds that are treated with K-Laser therapy will heal at a faster pace with higher tensile strength, which will reduce the chance of further breakdowns. K-Laser therapy is an ideal treatment option for traumatic wounds and chronic diabetes ulcers.

Acupuncture Points

The acupuncture points of our body will be stimulated by using K-Laser therapy, which will in turn allow needleless acupuncture. Find more about everything you need to know about accupunture points by contacting our Physio laser therapy clinic.

What To Expect

During your first visit to our Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury clinic, you will need to undergo a thorough inspection by our expert physiotherapists. After the detailed assessment, we will set up the right protocols for laser therapy and help you understand how the process really works.

It is crucial to note that the process of laser therapy will not induce any type of allergic reactions. This is because no foreign body will be injected into your body during the treatment. During the treatment, carefully calibrated energy will be used on the patient’s tissues for boosting the natural reparative process.

The treatment of laser therapy is not painful for most people. The patient who is undergoing laser therapy will experience a soothing or relaxing sensation when treated with a class IV laser. Negative or adverse reactions are mostly mild, rare, and temporary. Patients with hypersensitivity may experience some more pain in the first two sessions of the treatment.

Laser therapy is an ideal treatment option for all body sizes, skin tones, and age groups. It is suitable for pregnant women, athletes, injured kids, elderly people, and others. If you don’t know whether the treatment is suitable for you or not, then get in touch with our Physio laser therapy clinic.

Why Us

Physio Healing Hands makes use of Class IV (new generation of lasers). We are the one and only clinic that offers a combination of K-Laser and acupuncture treatment. A detailed assessment of the patient will be done at our Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury clinic. We will start treatment right away without any delays. We also provide special and affordable pricing plans to all our clients.

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Sonia. I slept really well last night. This morning is the best I have felt in a very long time. The combination of laser and Acupuncture treatment is working well. Thank you

    PAUL M
    PAUL M


    My husband (who was recovering from Radiotherapy) had a few physio sessions with Sonia and he found she was extremely patient and enjoyed the session very much as they were suitable for ...


      After thirteen months in hospital I met Sonia who is a ray of sunshine, very professional and using her amazing skills very quickly put me on the road to recovery. I cannot recommend her highly enough...


        I recommend had a knee issues for while start treatment with Sonya she knows a lot and has tons of experience. my knee starting go back to normal it’s worth every penny

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