What Could K Laser Therapy do for your Body in 2022?

K Laser therapy

K Laser therapy is a popular and state of the art therapy treatment that uses an IV laser to treat pain and inflammation in certain parts of the body. K Laser therapy uses light wavelengths to support and aid the healing of damaged tissue. This therapy type can also reduce pain and swelling, calm muscle spasms and ease general stiffness. 

Using wavelengths of light that travel through the skin to the pain point in your body, this treatment type aims to trigger increased blood circulation to the area that promotes oxygen increase, nutrients and water to target the pain area. The laser aims to activate the body’s natural response to healing itself. Your body will promote healthy cell repair and regeneration and support healing. 

This Therapy can Support a range of Conditions Including:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Scar tissue
  • Chronic diseases, including chronic pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Repetitive use injuries

Whilst K Laser therapy is successful, it may not be suitable for everyone, and prior consultation should be had with your physiotherapist before undertaking this treatment plan.

What to Expect in a K Laser Therapy Appointment​

It can be daunting to attend your first appointment with your physiotherapist, no matter which type of treatment you are attending. Apprehensiveness with therapy is normal, and your physiotherapist will be able to support you through the treatment at a pace that is comfortable for you. K Laser therapy sessions are painless and generally short, only lasting between 3-10 minutes depending on your pain levels, pain location, and how far into your treatment course.

As your symptoms improve and you experience pain reduction, your sessions will likely become less frequent and will eventually no longer be required. Your physiotherapist will work with you to find the best course of treatment and duration of your therapy. Many patients report pain relief after only one session, and K Laser therapy is considered very successful for a range of pain.

As your therapy aims to promote muscle and soft tissue stimulation, you may feel some discomfort after your first few sessions as the muscle or tissue has been stimulated, and inflammation is key to promoting new cell generation. This discomfort will not last long and will subside after a few days. 

The Benefits of Having K Laser Therapy​

K Laser therapy is one of many treatment choices that patients can expect when working with a reputable physiotherapist like Physio Healing Hands. Let’s look at what you can expect from a course in Laser therapy.

Metabolic activity ​

By stimulating key molecules (haemoglobin, water, cytochrome c), K Laser therapy improves tissue oxygenation, ATP synthesis and intercellular exchanges, activating a cascade of photochemical reactions that speeds up the healing, regenerative process.

Vascular activity ​

Laser therapy induces vasodilation in the treated area and promotes angiogenesis, thus improving blood circulation, optimising tissue nutrition and removal of cell waste and inflammatory factors. Laser boosts the lymphatic drainage system as well. As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or local inflammation.

Nerve Function​

Laser therapy is proven to facilitate the normalisation of nerve signal transmission in the autonomic, sensory, and motor neural pathways. Both Compound Muscle Action Potential (CMAP) and Nerve Latency values improve after laser treatment. It is also proven to stimulate axonal sprouting and cell regeneration in damaged nerves.

Tissue Repair

Laser wavelengths, power and pulse frequencies penetrate at depth into tissues and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth by increasing their metabolism. As a result, the cells of tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones are repaired faster.

Wound Healing​

Laser therapy optimises collagen and elastin deposition: wounds treated with the laser are proven to heal faster, with increased tensile strength preventing further breakdowns. Laser therapy is effective for Chronic Diabetic Ulcers and traumatic injuries.

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Physio Healing Hands brings you the latest in K Laser therapy

Therapy is designed to speed up your body’s natural healing process. It is a non-invasive and zero-pain way of treating some of the most common sports injuries and relieving pain and stiffness, improving flexibility, and reducing scar tissue and inflammation. With K Laser Therapy, you could be back to your normal activities very quickly.

K Laser Therapy is a cutting-edge way of treating your body to heal itself. At Physio Healing Hands, we are always looking for innovative ways to support our clients’ pain and conditions. Our Aylesbury based physiotherapy clinic offers a range of treatments, including laser therapy, to help our clients’ quality of life. If you would like more information on the treatments we provide, or if you would like to book a laser therapy consultation session, give us a call today. 

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