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Everything you need to know about Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy for Pain Aylesbury

Laser therapy is a modern medical treatment method, which uses focused light for its treatment. A variety of conditions are treated with laser therapy. The term Laser stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” intense beams of light are used in its treatment procedure to remove the tissue. Laser lights are so intense that they can be used for cutting steel and shaping diamonds. Get in touch with our laser clinic aylesbury to know more.

Under laser therapy, the surgeons work with complete precision focusing on a small area. One of the benefits of undergoing laser therapy is that you don’t experience much pain, scarring, or swelling like when you undergo traditional surgery.

That being said, it should also be noted that laser therapy is an expensive procedure and may require repeated treatments. In this article, we will discuss laser therapy in detail.

What Is Laser Therapy

It is a medical treatment that uses concentrated, tight light beams at a specific wavelength to conduct surgical procedures in parts of your body which need a lot of concentration or detail. There a few types of lasers used in laser therapy such as

  • Crystals
  • Diodes
  • Gasses such as carbon dioxide or argon
  • Chemicals

In order to produce laser beams, ordinary light is passed through a particular medium such as crystal, gas, diode, or chemical. It is the medium that decides the wavelength of the light which is produced. And this laser will have high energy and will be absorbed by the targeted tissue that needs to be treated.

What Are All Conditions Laser Therapy Is Used For?

Here are some health conditions, where laser therapy can be used. 

  • It helps to remove the kidney stones
  • Improves vision 
  • Destroy or shrinks tumors or precancerous growths
  • Helps to repair a detached retina
  • Helps with relieving symptoms of cancer
  • Remove part of the prostate
  • Helps to treat hair loss 
  • Helps to treat pain

Here are some other situations in which laser therapy might be recommended by the experts from our laser clinic Aylesbury.

  • Helps to seal blood vessels to prevent blood loss
  • Used in the nerve ending to decrease the effect of pain after a surgery 
  • To reduce the spreading of tumor cells it is used in the lymph vessels.

Uses of Lasers in Cosmetic Surgery

Now, let us take a quick look at some of the most common uses of lasers in cosmetic surgery. 

  • Used for hair removal
  • Removes moles, birthmarks, and sun spots 
  • Remove tattoos
  • Reduces blemishes, wrinkles, and scars

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment that offers various benefits. Compared to traditional surgical procedures, laser treatments provide much better results. They don’t have many side effects and are safe to do.

Laser therapy can be much less painful when compared to traditional surgical procedures. Also, the healing process will be quick and there will be only less scarring after the treatment. Contact our laser clinic Aylesbury now to know more about the same.

Who Should Avoid Getting Laser Therapy?

The answer to this question depends on the intensity of the procedure being done. You should always consult your healthcare provider before deciding to use laser treatment to treat any of your conditions.

Your healthcare provider must know about your complete health history and other medical conditions that you suffer from before deciding whether to go with laser therapy or not. You are responsible to make them aware of any previous surgeries you have undergone.

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Preparing for Laser Therapy

Before undergoing laser therapy make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared. There can be some restrictions based on the procedure. If the treatment requires seduction there can be restrictions on eating and drinking before the procedure.

Make sure you have someone by your side to support and take care of you while you are under seduction. You have to plan and make sure that you have got enough time to completely recover from the treatment.

Your health provider will tell you all about the necessary precautions you should take before the procedure and they will make sure you follow them correctly, if you have any doubts, you need to ask questions and clarify your doubts.

Recovery Period

Recovery time varies from person to person and also on the type of laser therapy they have undergone. However, the healing process is much faster when compared to traditional surgery procedures and is much less painful.

Laser therapy is focused on a particular part of your body and it only treats that particular part without causing much damage to any surrounding parts of your body which helps with a quicker healing process and fast recovery.

Wrapping Up

Laser therapy is a great method to treat a wide range of health conditions effectively. If you are thinking about getting laser therapy to treat your conditions, then we suggest you get in touch with us without any further delay. Our laser clinic Aylesbury would gladly evaluate your conditions and suggest the best possible treatment.

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