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Everything About Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery?

Post Operative Physiotherapy

In the United Kingdom and many other countries, people live longer, healthier, and more active lives. But living a long life isn’t always easy. Hip and knee replacements are two of the most common orthopaedic procedures, with over 170,000 knee replacements carried out in the UK each year and over 40,000 hip replacements.

Living with a hip or knee replacement isn’t always easy. You may have to give up some of the activities you love, such as sport, dancing, cycling, and gardening. It’s not just about the operation and the recovery time; it’s about the support you need, to ensure you get back to doing the things you love.

It’s about rehabilitation. That is why post-operative physiotherapy is an essential part of learning to manage and live with your hip or knee replacement with minimal pain and life changes. This month, Physio Healing Hands takes a look at post-operative physiotherapy in relation to a hip or knee replacement and what you can expect when you undertake physiotherapy sessions with a professional.

The Benefits Of Post - Operative Physiotherapy

Knowing what to expect after your surgery is important, including what to discuss with your physiotherapist. After hip or knee surgery, you may require the assistance of a physiotherapist to learn how to move, walk and regain some degree of independence.

While surgery is the first step to fixing your joint, post-operative physiotherapy is the second. And that is why it is so important. Here, we will explain why post-operative physiotherapy is important, the benefits, and what you can expect during your physio course.

  • Physiotherapists can help you to manage your post-operative pain more effectively.
  • You are more likely to return to ‘normal’ daily activities quickly
  • Physios will focus on strengthening your muscles that may have become weak or stiff
  • Regain your independence quickly
  • Your chance of reinjury is reduced after a course of post-operative physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is what will help your body start functioning again. It’s the first step in your rehabilitation. Physiotherapists are highly trained professionals who will work with you to help you regain your strength, mobility, and independence.

It is essential to understand that physiotherapy may or may not be necessary, depending on your type of surgery and your serious condition. For example, if you have experienced a hip resurfacing procedure, you may not require physiotherapy. The same applies to hip replacement patients who have had minimally invasive surgery.

What Can You Expect From Your Post - Operative Physiotherapy?

Post-operative physiotherapy is a great way to ensure you get the best from the surgery you received and help you recover as quickly as possible. It can also reduce your chances of needing further surgery later down the line by re-injuring yourself or general wear and

The longer you wait to start physiotherapy after your surgery, the more likely you will experience pain, stiffness, and swelling. Suppose you’ve recently undergone hip or knee surgery and you’re planning to have physiotherapy.

In that case, knowing precisely what you can and can’t do while undergoing physiotherapy is essential to get the most out of your post-operative recovery. When you visit your physiotherapist for the first time, they will conduct a thorough examination to understand where exactly you are getting pain and how best they can support you.

If you have been referred through your surgeon or doctor, your physiotherapist will have access to your medical history and most recent operation. This will give them a good understanding of your surgery and the best course of physiotherapy they will undertake.

The length of your physiotherapy course will entirely depend on your particular situation, why you visit your physiotherapist, and your strength and activity before your operation. Post-operative physiotherapy will support you to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and help you gain back the independence you had before you had your hip or knee replacement surgery.

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Book Your Post - Operative Physiotherapy With Physio Healing Hands

Physio Healing Hands specialise in booking post-operative physiotherapy appointments for knee and hip replacements. You’ll likely need post-operative physiotherapy if you have a knee or hip replacement. It’s one of the most critical parts of your recovery.

Post operative physiotherapy is essential for restoring the range of motion to your joints. It also helps strengthen your muscles, allowing you to regain balance and build up your strength essentials.

Physio Healing Hands is your local Aylesbury physiotherapist specialising in chronic pain management and post-operative physiotherapy for knee and hip replacement. With years of experience, they know how important it is to get the best post-operative care possible, as it is crucial for avoiding future problems. So, if you’re looking for the best place to book your post-operative physiotherapy, contact Physio Healing Hands through the contact form on our website or call us.

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