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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

Pain Relief Treatment in High Wycombe

When you suffer from chronic pain (also known as long-term pain) or an injury, physical therapy is one of your best options for pain management. It can help you move better, relieve stress, and make you stronger. If you are suffering from chronic pain, it is important to know about our pain relief treatment in High Wycombe. 

To get good results from physical therapy you need to work together as a team with your physical therapist. Also, practicing some of the exercises at your home can bring out good results.

Physical therapists are trained professionals. Even so, it would be a good idea to inquire about their expertise in treating patients with problems similar to yours. They can also tell you how many sessions you’ll need to attend before seeing results.

How Does Physical Therapy Treat Pain?

Physical therapists are specialists at both identifying and treating the cause of pain. Your therapist will search for any tight or weak spots that might be placing stress on the specific area of pain. And they will use specific exercises to address certain areas in order to reduce discomfort and improve mobility. During our pain relief treatment in High Wycombe, you might do a mix of the following.

Low-Impact Aerobic Training

These exercises will increase your blood flow while being gentle on your joints. Instead of running before practicing your strengthening exercises, you can choose to warm up by taking short walks or riding a bicycle.

Pain Relief Exercises

Our pain relief treatment in High Wycombe session will consist of exercises target the areas of your body that hurt, making you stronger and more flexible, which would also make your daily life simple. 

Strengthening Exercises

While doing strengthening exercises you will make use of the various equipment at your physical therapist’s office, your body weight (for eg: squats, lunges and pushups) or resistance bands . Along with other body parts, you can focus on your core muscles (belly, glutes, and back).

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Your psychotherapist will make sure you’re warmed up before you start your routine and also make sure that you don’t stretch too much during this gentle exercise.

What Else One Should Expect During Their Session

You can expect the following;

Heat and Ice Packs

Ice minimizes inflammation. Your muscles become more active as a result of the warmth. Both of these are capable of reducing pain


Remember that a massage on painful, or wounded areas might not feel therapeutic. However, your therapist will take great care to ensure that it is safe and beneficial for you. If you receive a massage from someone else, Inform the specialist about your pain before your session begins.

TENS and Ultrasound

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. TENS employs a device that sends a low-voltage electric current to the skin over the painful area. Another technique that your physiotherapist might use is ultrasound. The painful areas receive sound waves through ultrasound, which help to relieve pain. Both could deliver relief by preventing your brain from receiving pain signals.

Does It Hurt?

Physical therapy treatment should be painless and safe. Physiotherapy, however, might be difficult or a bit challenging because you will be using parts of your body that are wounded or have chronic pain.

For instance, you can experience soreness following deep tissue massage or stretching.There is a reason behind that too. A tailored program is in mind with your therapist based on your specific demands. You sometimes need to put in some hard workouts to get stronger. You will be challenged, but not excessively.

Therapy may have different effects on different people. Your plan is influenced by your body type, routine, posture, and habits. If you continue to be patient and work hard, you will get the benefits.

If you are in search of a good physical therapist in Aylesbury or looking for pain relief treatment in High Wycombe, you can get in touch with physio healing hands to know more about our treatments and other services that we offer. Get in touch with us today!!

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