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Physiotherapy for Elderly People : What you need to know

physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury

Our body changes as we age. We gradually lose strong muscles and bone mass. As a result, we may find it difficult to perform simple tasks like getting up from a chair or taking the stairs even at home. In some cases, individuals may start to lose their sense of balance and feel weak and tired especially when they are old. This is why it is important to know about physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury.

Elderly care physiotherapy is specialized in supporting elderly people to have as much physical mobility and function as possible. Our Physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury treatments is focused on recovering and improving the overall health and well-being of elderly people.

At Physio Healing Hands, our expert physiotherapist who has specialized in elderly care helps you to regain control over your mind and body by enhancing your quality of life.

The difficulties elderly people come across in their daily life as they age are numerous. Most of these are related to their decreased level of balance and mobility due to their age. This is one of the important reasons why elderly people are at more risk of falling and breaking their bones.

While physiotherapy can’t stop the natural aging process, several age-related conditions can be improved with the help of physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury. Let’s find out how Physio Healing Hands can benefit people in their old age.

Better Muscle Strength

Muscle strength is essential for a variety of activities, including lifting objects, bending in particular ways, supporting leg movement, and more. Muscles tend to get stiff and weak as we age. Most tasks become more challenging due to the loss of flexibility and strength.

With the help of various exercises, physiotherapy aims to improve the muscle strength of your body. It really isn’t much different from strength training for young adults, except that the exercises are planned by keeping older people in mind along with considering their health and ability. Increased muscle strength benefits mobility and flexibility and even helps to avoid injuries.

Helps to Improve Mental Health

Older adults often experience mental health problems for a variety of reasons. There is loneliness, losing friends and family, and of course, realizing they could no longer do what they once did. As we all know, those who are struggling with mental health issues are advised to engage in physical activities.

Physiotherapy can be a great way to engage in physical activity. There are various exercises and techniques used in physiotherapy, which can definitely help someone to relieve the stress and tension they have in their life. This will in turn improve their mental health.

An Active Lifestyle

We can move much more easily when we are pain-free. That is what elderly physiotherapy aims to accomplish. The physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury service offered at Physio Healing Hands assists you in maintaining your range of motion, which in turn helps you engage in physical activities for a much longer period. It also helps you to maintain good cardiovascular health.

A lack of movement could increase or cause diabetes, heart disease, and several other medical disorders. Your general health and well-being are enhanced by physiotherapy, as it enables you to perform more activities for a long period.

Reduced Risk of Injury and Falls

Flexibility, strength, and balance are all enhanced through physical therapy. This would be crucial for elderly people because even a minor fall can have much more severe effects on them than for a young person. If they engage in physiotherapy, they will be able to walk around freely and safely. It greatly helps them to avoid certain falls and injuries.

Even if one does fall and get injured, the recovery process from the accident will be quicker than normal because of improved muscle strength and overall health.

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Independence and Improved Quality of Life

By helping them improve all the above-mentioned points, we are increasing their independence and quality of life. No one, regardless of age, likes being unable to do the activities that they enjoy. Therefore, by assisting our older loved ones to maintain good balance and range of motion, we are helping them to engage in the activities and hobbies they love.

Common Conditions Treated in Elderly People

The following are some of the conditions that are treated by physiotherapists in elderly people.

  • Falls
  • Poor mobility
  • Fractures
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation
  • Neurological conditions
  • Loss of balance
  • Post-hospital stay

How It Works

Your physiotherapist will first do a complete evaluation to identify the exact problems that might be affecting you. Normally, this evaluation includes checking your balance, walking, strength, and range of motion.

Together with your physiotherapist, you will establish clear goals to assist you in tackling the areas that are challenging for you. They will then develop a personalized program using this information.

Physiotherapy for elderly Aylesbury service at Physio Healing Hands has proven to be beneficial for a lot of patients. We also offer tools that assist with independent living, such as walking aids. Working together as a team with your physiotherapist will make you able to regain your independent life.

If either you or an elder you are caring for wish to learn more about any of our services or treatment, then please contact us, as we are always here to help you.

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