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Donna A G Anstead

Donna is an Aylesbury based Reflexologist who has been practicing since qualifying in 2015. Although she specializes in Women’s Wellbeing; Fertility, Pregnancy, Hormonal conditions and Peri/Menopause, Donna also treats a range of clients, both male and female, to support them through pain conditions, sleeping issues and general stress management.  Also a qualified Aromatherapist, Donna has the knowledge to add the power of essential oils to enhance her treatments. Donna is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) meaning her credentials are scrutinized. Her initial training and training providers are checked to ensure that they are up to scratch.  A record is kept of the required Continued Personal Development that she must do as a condition of her membership.  In addition to this she can seek advice and guidance from extremely qualified and experienced professionals. Through the AoR, she is listed in the NHS Listing Directory which is the official NHS England directory of Therapists. This directory is used by healthcare professionals and the public alike to identify high quality professional practioners.
Reflexology: what is it and how could it benefit me?
Reflexology is a hands on treatment most commonly performed on the feet.  Using massage, pressure and movement; various points or reflexes on the feet are stimulated to effect the corresponding areas of the body. For example: an area around the base of the big toe corresponds to the occipital ridge, a pain point at the lower back of head which is prone to stress headaches.  By working on the area on the foot, relief is felt in the back of the head. Many Reflexology techniques can be used during treatments. Reflexology can be of particular benefit to any inflammatory/pain/odema conditions.  The gentle treatment, performed on the feet, boosts circulation, improves immune response, reduces pain and encourages the movement of lymphatic fluid all over the body.  Once the lymphatic fluid is moving it collects waste products from around the body; which are then excreted in the urine.  The stimulation and subsequent removal of stagnant lymphatic fluid encourages a reduction in swelling and discomfort while boosting the immune system. Over all a blissful Reflexology session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, with a noticeable reduction in pain and swelling.  In addition to the physical benefits you will find your mood improves, your sleep will be deeper and more refreshing and you will leave the session completely chilled out with a comforting sense of wellbeing. Donna is also qualified in Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Skin treatments and Aesthetic treatments (anti-wrinkle injections, lip and dermal fillers, vitamin injections etc).
Donna A G Anstead

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